General Description
The AM-4 is an electrically powered dry warmer that supplies external heat to blood/infusion via the L-fusion disposable warming bag placed between aluminum heating plates. It's simple to use. Maintenance is free except cleaning.
Output temperature AM-412: 31ºC - 40ºC
AM-413/AM-412-T: 30ºC - 37ºC
Flow rate 0 - 160ml/min (with an infusion pump)
0 - 60ml/min (gravity flow)
Safety features Three independent circuits for prevention of overheating, Audible / Visualalarm and Thermal cutoff
Size 266 x 182 x 78.5 mm
Weight 3kg
Disposable set L-fusion warming bag set (LF-D)

FDA Clearance, US patent, International patent
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Rapid warm-up
  • Audible and Visual alarm
  • High durability